5 Reasons Why Transgender Women Aren't Interested In You

Men and women make the same mistake that they take to heart when someone they care about doesn't seem to care if or not. When that happens, people start to wonder why they can't get that person's attention. Here are five reasons why trans hookup women might not respond to your ask about ts dating.

1.She's asexual

This is rare and most likely because they have lost interest in men because of their misunderstanding of men. That said, if the woman you like is asexual, that may not be something that everyone knows. She doesn't tell people about herself because it's nobody else's business. You think she's not interested in you, and that's right, because she probably isn't interested in either sex. Asexuality is rare, but it's not that rare.

2.She has very specific needs

As a matter of fact, transgender women are often more flexible than men on fetishes or desirable traits. Emotional connections often open up different directions about the potential and sexual aspects of physical connections, but not always. Different women have different preferences. Some women prefer Asian men with smooth skin, good figure and dark hair. If you don't have it, you can't do it any more. Once a woman has identified her type of preference, it's hard to change, and it's hard to get close to her unless you've got everything she wants.

3.You're so friendly

Mind you, I'm not saying men should stop being nice. It's not that men should be more aggressive. But in fact many women are attracted to hooligans. It makes sense when good men complain that their ex treats them like crap. In many movies and novels, "bad boy" is a major romantic subject. And many women fall in love with a scruffy, macho, troubled man. If you can't solve the problem for her, don't try.

4.She's strong and you're obedient

I think compromise and conflict is a huge challenge. But sometimes a woman's proclivity is so persistent that she doesn't have sexual urges on its opposite. Great friendships are made in this kind of impasse but bizarre romantic relationships are not common. The situation she was in gave her a strong character, which in part determined her attraction to the strong. Being submissive only makes her think you're weak, so it makes her less interested in you.

5.It's complicated

She may have been married or involved in a complicated relationship, and it would be unwise to include someone in it. Maybe she doesn't like casual encounters. She wants to give herself to someone with a long-term goal. Maybe she's not looking for love but sex, and obviously you want to have a lasting effect.

It's best to clearly describe what you're looking for in your online trans dating profile, whether it's pure love, casual love, or a serious relationship. Anyway, you and the transgender woman you met online are at least the same kind of person.