3rder, the Most Awesome Dating App for Threesome

Although there are a variety of threesome hookup apps for people to live a threesome lifestyle, only a few of them are widely used and 3rder must be one of them. Actually, 3rder is considered to be the most popular tinder for threesomes app, especially after some fake apps were removed from the market last month. As a leading flirting app, 3rder tries its best to offer an efficient and a fast dating platform to its users to assistant them in finding what they want all the time. As these users often meet difficulties to get access to like-minded people in real life, it is not surprising that they take 3rder as their first choice for threesome fun.

How to begin the journey?

No matter you have used online flirting apps or not before, it will be easy for you to get familiar with this fantastic app in a short time. It will only take you a few minutes to complete the registration and personal profile. Do not skip the profile steps since you need a detailed profile to help you catch more eyes from other members. Creating a profile is totally for free on 3rder and when you submit your profile information, 3rder promises you it will never let your personal information leak out. If you find 3rder is not the one you are looking for, you are able to cancel your account and delete all information whenever you want.

About dating features

Moment is a powerful feature for users to interact and communicate with each other. By posting some pictures and thoughts, members are allowed to share their status and happy moments, and meanwhile other members can leave comments.
Quickmatch is the key match feature for members to find and meet potential matches. It works similarly to Tinder app in some ways because of its swiping function. Users can swipe right to like and swipe left to pass users as they wish.
Via instant messages, members enable themselves to exchange information and start conversations with some else. No matter you have upgraded your membership or not, you can give replies back when you get messages but you cannot actively send messages to others unless you pay money for a subscription.
Personal profile is also an important feature. To get to know others better, you have no other way but browse their profiles to see if you are interested in them. Once you find some interesting profiles, you can add them to your favorite list and you can check them and initiate a new topic for a conversation at any time.


Intimate threesome relationships can be easily arranged on 3rder thanks to the wonderful dating platform and those helpful dating features provided by 3rder. If you are aiming to expand your sex experience for much more fun in your bedroom, living a threesome lifestyle with your partners is obviously a great idea.