Do You Know How to Choose Photos When Creating a Profile?

Since last years, we have been stuck at home because of the virus and people’s demands for online hookup apps have increased dramatically. People turn to those apps for all kinds of online hookups and one night stand is by far the most popular type among us. As you know, there are dozens of apps running currently and you will never find a partner for some hookups unless you download one or a few of them.

But if you think just putting a profile on those apps is enough, you are wrong. Actually, you have to do something to make yourself stand out from the crowd and seem to be more competitive. After all, everyone's here for the same reason: to find someone to start a FWB relationship as soon as possible.

Words are important when you're creating your profile, but in my opinion, photos are the most representative of a person. When a user finds your profile through a casual dating app, he/she can look at your pictures without looking at any of the text you've provided, and decide if he/she's willing to take the next step with you. The first impression you make on people in the online BBW hookup app is the most important.

Yes, first impressions are important, especially when you're having fun on a dating app that doesn't involve anything serious. So it's best to pick a few good photos and use them to keep you at the edge of your game when making friends with benefits.

Of all the photos, the ones that are displayed to other users are the most important. Because if you want to grab people's attention in the first place, you need to make sure that the display photo is appealing enough. When other people are attracted to your photo, they will automatically follow you, and if they don't, then you can consider another photo.

A common mistake people make is to use selfies as a display photo on their profile. In fact, in our experience, we generally don't recommend it. These selfies will make you look ordinary, not nearly as good as someone else's photos of you. If you try to make yourself look good in these photos, you may lose some of your authenticity and make your photos look a little fake. And when people arrange one night hookups on dating apps, they put a premium on authenticity, and you lose out on a lot of potential partners.

When you are picking photos to upload, you have to choose those with good light, clear face with a natural smile. If you choose a photo with a dark background that makes it hard to see your face, you can say that you are actively pushing away those users who may start a FWB relationship with you. It's better to ask your family or friends to take a few photos especially and then upload some of them to the online hookup app you're using.