How I met my transgender girl

Love always come unexpectedly, but also beautiful. Love comes in all the forms, there is no right or wrong. And today I am going to share my own love story with you, which will hopefully inspire you guys in a way and spark your courage to find love as well as be the true self of whom you are. All story begins from the famous transgender dating app that my best friend David told me. I was firstly surprised by his suggestion because I have never had any fantasy to date any transgender women or transgender men. Let alone the whole conception of transgender is simply strange to me.

“What makes you think I will date t girls?”
“Because there is nothing wrong with trying something new.”

Well, that convinced me. After being single for more than 3 years and a multitude of failed date experience with different women, I decided to quit for a while. Now that my best friend has made a suggestion, what do I have to lose to have a try? After sign up on transgender app, I have met hundreds of ladyboys, tomboys, shemales as well as crossdressing men, which was not only an eye opening experience but also a enlightening realization that regardless of their biological differences, they are the same as us.

And I met the one unique girl I matched with on transgender hookup app in a local coffee shop. It was the first time that I found a woman such attractive, even once she was a he. I guess my affection for her transcends her physical traits, which are already pretty eye catching. What amazes me was more of her courage to be whom she is. She told me she knew who she is since the age of 8 and made up her mind to be who she really is. The spirit in her really inspired me to have someone like her in my life. Then we went on a few more dates and things have gotten surprisingly well. On the 7th date with this amazing t girl, we both decided to take thing to another level, which means enter an exclusive relationship.

While dating the transgender girls, I have also learned a few important things about life: always respect everyone. Even at first, it can be unimaginable to be accepting and supportive to someone who is different. Be inclusive, because this world is made uo from different things, different people with different colors. And it is diversity which made the world so beautiful. Last but not least, everyone is the same. Regardless of their sexuality, gender, orientation or physical differences, everyone is a unique individual that deserves to be loved.

For all the people who are still hesitating about signing up on transgender dating apps, or wondering if it is going to work out dating transgender girls or transgender guys. Try it out, since you have nothing to lose.