How to meet a good boyfriend

When I was a little kid, I started to guess what my husband will be in the future. He maybe handsome , smart and gentle as well as informed. And now, as a 25-year –old female, I know this person will not occur at least he won’t show up in my life. But I do want to find a guy who at least understand me so I try many things. I have made some efforts to find a good boyfriend and hope girls can learn something from my story.

The first effort is that I started to go to library near my house. Aha, I have to say ,I am not the person who likes study very much. But I do like read cartoons in the library and sometimes, if I don’t finish my work , I will take my computer. And I should say that many handsome boys are in the library. Some of them are working and some of them are just seeing the books they like. As a girl who likes handsome guys, I have to say men are more attractive when they are working or studying.

I stayed for a month, every weekends, I went to library. And luckily, a man passed a note to me and I knew my love spring was coming. He asked me out for coffee and asked me some questions. I has to say I said yes and drinking coffee with him because he was good looking at least in my eyes. But I found he didn’t care me very much when ordering food and I just said thanks to him and went back home. Generally speaking ,the days in library were happy and girls can go there as me on weekends.

The second effort is that I tried to register a BBW dating app. This curvy dating app is very popular and many people around me were using it. I had to say, I was not good at hookup dating online because I thought people could have better interaction face to face. In the first day, I had received over ten chats, I didn’t upload my real photos because I was afraid of some potential issues. But in this app, people are more likely to chat rather than hookups.

Ok, this was what I want as I didn’t really want to have one night stand. I turned on my location and I found so many people used this app. I should say I was not a very brave person. Three boys asked me out but I told them we wouldn’t have one night hookup with them. I could just chat or had dinner with them. Only one boy said yes and I dressed up and went for the dinner. I met him in a restaurant near my house and he was nice. Yes, luckily, we gradually became lovers although we broke up just now. But for me, finding boyfriend in a hookup app can be very interesting experience. And I may try this method later.

Here are the two ways to meet good lover, and hope many people can find a good one.