How to protect yourself if you are trans?

Due to different degree of negative focus on transgender community, it is easy to feel that transgender dating community is a special group everyone in which is different from ordinary people. In fact, we are moving backwards on the way to know more about lgbt and ts dating community. As an ordinary person, have you ever think protect your equal right by the law? Living in such a society ruled by law, it seems like everyone can be well protected. While, does the law also work for transgender people?

I don't know there are any laws to protect transgender people and their equal rights, on the contrary, there are some states and government limit the equal rights of transgender people. Tranny date community and other people who are focus on transgender issues launch activities and deliveries every year, the aim is to speak for transgender people and help them get more attention from the society. It is worth mentioning that lgbt and transgender communities are concerned by more and more people. Comparing with the life before, the present life of transgender people has been improved a lot, but it is still a long way to go if they want to be fully accepted by the society. Last year, transgender hookup people are banned to join the army in the United States. This policy lead to extensive concern of not only transgender people but also other ordinary people. It is a kind of discrimination on transgender people in some people's eyes. Many transgender people say that it is the negation on their gender identity.

Transgender man cannot join the army as ordinary men. While some official says it is a way to protect transgender people and reduce the health budget. As a lawful citizen, we have the right to receive treatment when we are ill. Whether gender transition surgery and treatment belong to the public health care system is always of hot discussion. Transition surgery and treatment are very expensive, not all transgender people can afford to undergo the transition surgery. While, it also seems impossible to bring transition treatment to public health system. I can say that it will never happen in the future.

Transgender people and ordinary people are ling in the same world, so it is impossible to create a private space for transgender people. On the other hand, they need to interact with the outside world, they cannot just live in their own world. All transgender people need to know how to get on with other people around them, and how can they be accepted by other people. Some people are unfriendly to transgender people only because they don't know about transgender people, they don't know that transgender people are the same as every ordinary people. As a transgender person, speak for transgender community if possible. Join a transgender community and do some thing you can to help your fellow and yourself be concerned by more people and get the equal rights. Do everything you can to create a new life for yourself and other transgender people.