What Are Transgender, Transsexual and Cross-dresser?

There is lots of talk about gender and sex identities and each one has their own view about gender and sexual identity, so as transsexual, transgender and cross-dressers. Some people keep asking about the real difference between transsexual, transgender or cross-dressers identity and their sex choices or some may remain confused to recognize them what their real identity, sex or gender is? Here in this article, we are discussing what transgender, transsexual are and crossdressers are? And how you can identify or recognize them? Let's read what is transsexual, transgender and cross dressers are?

Transsexual - Let's start with transsexual and the word transsexual is a combination of two words that is - Trans and Sex. Trans mean transformation and her sex doesn't mean to go intimate, here it means sexual identity. So the word transsexual describes itself that a person transform to opposite sex.

If a person born with different sex and later transform into different sex is considered to be transsexual.

Transsexuals should be male or female. If a person is born as a male and later he will transform into an opposite sex and turned into a female and is known as transsexual dating woman. If a person born as a female gender and turned herself into a male after surgery is known as transsexual man. Transsexual can be done via pre or post surgery and many already have undergone this surgery and living a successful and happy transsexual life.

Transgender - Transgender too live their life as their opposite sex but they never undergone with the surgery or anything else. Transgender believe that sex is basically a body and gender resides in mind only. If their mind believes that their sex and gender isn't a perfect match, they will turn into a transgender. For example, if a person is born in a male body and born up with that, but later his mind oppose his male identity and didn't accept his male attitude or behavior and forced to transform into a female is considered to be a transgender. It is quite hard to identify them as what's their real identity is. Transgender thinks that sex is just a need of body and gender is only a mind game. There is nothing like being male or female because you are born into male or female body.

Cross dressers - Cross dressers are basically a cis gender that turn into their opposite sex and that is only for occasionally. Unlike transgender, transgender do the same and dressed up with opposite sex for day, month or the rest of their life but cross dressers do that occasionally for some reason like for taking part in some play, bring the excitement in their sexual life or something else but that is only for fun and for a while.

When cross dressers are not doing the cross dressers role, they are normal cis gender like other people and live their regular life.

So, that the real difference between transsexual, transgender and cross dressers.