5 Qualities Cougars Want in a Man

It is believed that every young man has a dream of dating an older woman, such as their friends' hot mom or the hot neighbor. Unfortunately, many of them never got the chance of doing so. Under the circumstances of the increasingly growing popularity of cougar dating, CougarD, a top flirting app specially made for cougar dating, provides advises for young men in the purpose of attracting older women.

1. Confidence

No matter for women or men, old or young, confidence always comes as the first advantage when hookup dating. Have a rating feel about yourself both mentally and physically. If you don't feel good about yourself, no one will want to be with you. Many young men are attracted to cougars by their confidence, which will be the same in return. However, to be mentioned, confidence is nothing like cockiness, but a temperament coming inside of you. Do not brag about how big your house is and how much money you make. If you feel very comfortable and satisfied with your current situation, the confidence will come out itself.

2. Keep a positive attitude

Keeping a positive attitude is preferred by all older women. No one wants a downer, especially for cougars. They know it deeply in their heart that life is hardly better than you do. They definitely do not need someone else to tell them or pass on the depression and bad energy. Try to think about what the silver lining is and to look at the glass that is three-quarters full instead of half empty. Start by smiling. You can pass on happiness by just a simple smile, which also makes people want to be around you.

3. Listening skills

Listening also means to care about other people's feelings. There are some men who like to talk about nothing but themselves. This will be a huge strikeout if they are trying to be in a relationship. Try to think while listening. Ask some intuitive, meaningful and deep questions. Do not ask about sensitive questions, like how much you make, or how old you are. When they answer, find the point of penetration where you can express your own opinion if you think differently, or resonate to it, which will be a very good click.

4. Sense of humor

Having a sense of humor connects with intelligence. Who doesn't like humorous and intelligent men? The ability to make people laugh also is considered to be an ability to unite people together. Usually a plain-looking but funny guy is more welcomed by the good-looking but boring one.

5. Compassion

Compassion is also a key factor that attracts older women. Women are known as the emotional and sensitive creature of the world. A casual behavior would leave her a great impression of you. The instinct to protect and help the weak is considered to be compassionate. Compassion usually comes with their nature and is determined by how they are raised. Nevertheless, if you find yourself lacking such quality, it also can be shaped by taking care of others.

All the above are the five qualities that older women appreciate in a man. If you want to date a cougar, bring these out and you'll get more chances.