Why BHM Don't Like This Nickname?

Big Handsome Men are called BHM for short, BBW and BHW are from the same community. Some of them being big because of their exercises, and they are proud of their muscles and body shapes. While others are overweight, and most of them are unhealthy. The short name 'BHM' refers to both strong and overweight men, but some of them don't like this nickname at all. Why the don't like? Here are some reasons.

1. It's a disgrace
The same as women, most men like to be sexy and slim, big men are not attractive in their mind. They don't like to be called BHM, because this short name is a disgrace for them. Big is always associated with overweight and fat. They don't like to be fat. But big can also be associated with muscles and strong, masculine and strong men never mind this nickname.

2. Don't recognize they are fat
Once you recognize you are really fat will you start to exercise and lose weight. But most of big men don't recognize they are fat, they like the way they live and don't want to change. They are too lazy to exercise and change their unhealthy life style. They may get angry when being called BHM, so you'd better get rid of them and never call them BHM.

3. Avoid being one of the BBW community
They don't like BBW community and don't want to be one of them. They don't think they are fat enough to become one of BBW community. People of BBW community never deny they are fat and overweight, and BBW community is a special place for them to make friends with others and curvy dating. People here have the same habit and common topic and fat men and women can really find what they want through BBW community. Why not join the BBW community if you are really overweight?

4. It's impossible to find a life partner in their mind
Big men are not confident enough to find a life hookup partner. What I want to say is that not everyone likes slim men. Big men are more secure than slim men for most of girls, since girls like to be protected by men. Otherwise, big men are the best choice for big girls. Fat girls are looking bigger than slim girls, so they don't like to be with a slim guy, they like strong and healthy guys. As a big man, never stop finding your true love.

5. Oppose superstitions
There are many superstitions about BHM and all big guys don't like these superstitions. In order to get rid of superstitions, many big men don't like to be called BHM. Superstition often refers to something bad. Why don't you join the team to fight against it? Superstitions are not true, so don't be swayed by these superstitions.

Try to make others feel comfortable by calling them the right name. It couldn't be better if the word 'big' can be removed from 'BHM'. Meanwhile, instead of caring too much about a short name, you need to improve yourself, lose weight and change your life style.